Oil and gas inspections require a significant amount of manual work for all parties.  Multiple teams must arrive on-site and work to verify equipment is working properly and is in compliance.  Existing conditions documentation and maintenance costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and equipment rentals.  By using drones, 3D imaging and […]

Whether you are a Univeristy, real estate, mining or archtitecture firm, it’s likely that you need to capture existing conditions and store them in digital form.  We coach students and reality capture divisions how to implement and mold traditional and modern workflows.   Reality capture technologies such as laser scanning, mobile and aerial LiDAR and photogrammetry […]

Light – Detection – and – Ranging (LIDAR):  LiDAR is a surveying and remote sensing method that measures distance by emitting a laser light at a target and calculating the return.  LiDAR instruments can emit more than 1 million points per second.  These Instruments create extremely accurate 4D models that generate a “point cloud” – […]

Delivering 3D documentation to AEC companies working together on Retail projects is critical for project success. RIG and RJP Consulting have teamed up to create industry leading as-built documentation to start the construction and design-build process.  Leveraging the recent advancements in reality capture technology, we are provide VR, CAD, Revit, and 2D line drawings to […]