Business owners and marketing gurus are learning the benefits of 3D technology because the analytics are producing a great return on investment. The initial cost is small in relation to analytics and new business received.  It was found that businesses are receiving 50% more customers within 60 days when they had a virtual tour of their business (Need Momentum 360). Also with the aid of key search words drives traffic to the businesses, like the keyword food would drive you to a restaurant with a virtual tour of the establishment. Customizing virtual tours with unique brand features helps showcase businesses, in comparison to photos and low-quality Google 360s uploaded to their business listing profile. Virtual tours can be turned around within 24 hours from on-site capture.  During that process the editors are embedding keywords for search engine direction, adding videos, and embedding other content associated with existing web content. Within 24 hours the client receives the custom virtual tour which will be live on Google within 48 hours. There is a tremendous upside for business owners, facilities management and marketing campaigns alike.  

Matterport technology is also applicable to real estate and has the potential to change the industry. When Matterport studied the real estate industry it was found that 92% of home buyers start searching online before contacting an agent. With real estate brokers now understanding Matterport’s benefits and incorporating this technology, potential buyers are able to get a real, accurate walk through as if they were physically on-site. Potential buyers are able to save time and money that would have been spent traveling to the location to decide if the property is for them or not. In return real estate agents are able to get a pool of interested, potential buyers to show physical on-site walkthroughs to. This also saves them a lot of time and money that would have been spent showing a property to an un-interested buyer. As found from the REA Group: Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call an agent for a property they have seen on that includes a 3D VR Tour. “[With Matterport] I am able to give a higher number of potential buyers realistic access to the home, ultimately bringing sellers more offers and higher prices for their home.” – Michael Woodley, Broker, LUXE Platinum Properties. Matterport showings are compatible with most MLS listing sites and can be tailored to be branded or unbranded.

There are more positive attributes to Matterport Showcases, then negative. First off the Matterport showcase is available in 24 hours post-on-site capture. This allows agents to get the property in front of buyers faster which can lead to a quicker sale. Secondly, the link that the showcase lives on is easily shareable through all communication channels. Buyers are able to share the tour with friends and loved ones to get their input on the property. In addition, brokers are able to easily distribute the tour to potential buyers. Lastly, Matterport can capture 2D photos, produce floor plans, and present dimensions. Buyers are able to be presented with all the specs of the property without having to ask questions, or physically take measurements on-site. The one negative aspect of Matterport is that the 2D photos are not print ready. We are in a digital age, and the need to print photos could potentially go away as time goes on. Which leads to Matterport has the potential to become part of the standard operating procedure when listing a property.

Robotic Imaging Group creates experiential marketing content for local businesses. We enhance a digital copy of your brick and mortar business that is used for all your digital marketing mediums. Our 3D virtual reality content attracts and gives potential customers the opportunity to remotely explore your unique business. Across 19 breweries that Robotic Imaging has worked within Chester County, we have received 312,700 impressions and 263,800 visits. As described on Matterport’s website an impression is when the page that contains Matterport loads successfully. For embedded spaces, an impression is counted before a user clicks play to load the Space. A visit is when the Matterport Space loaded successfully and is ready to explore. For embedded Spaces, a visit is counted after a user clicks the play button.

Jim Adams, Levante Brewing Company’s Co-Owner “Robotic Imaging’s content has been advantageous for our social channels and website by increasing interaction and traffic. Since implementation, we have received over 8,000 unique visitors on our web-based VR file and an additional 34,000 views on our Google business listing.” 

Mike Hamara, Co-Owner of Root Down Brewing “Robotic Imaging Group’s analytics are explosive.  In 5 months our VR Tour, embedded on and Google has garnered over 30,000 unique visitors.”

Connor Iwanick, Robotic Marketing