“Robotic Imaging is a valuable collaborator that helps IMC capture, analyze and communicate existing and As Built conditions of our construction projects. Their implementation of new innovations for reality capture mirrors our goal of utilizing technology to improve our processes and deliverables.”

“Robotic Imaging’s Point Cloud scanning service is an invaluable tool for obtaining and memorializing existing conditions data that facilitates the generation of accurate models and more efficient design workflow.  Their services have eliminated the need for repeat surveys to obtain missing data and improves consultant coordination and communication.”

“For us, days are filled with virtual showings and even virtual closings; between conversations with both clients and colleagues, as we all work together to navigate through this unprecedented time, Robotic Imaging has become an essential asset.  Robotic Imaging is creating the future of digital real estate with advanced VR and drone sensors.”

“Robotic Imaging is an important strategic partner that has enabled us to expand our services offerings and bring cutting edge technology solutions to our clients that show tangible savings in both time and cost with respect to architectural drawings, site inspections and surveys. Robotic Imaging is helping to pave the way to the future.”

“Robotic Imaging is a key partner in helping us nationally scale through the advanced surveying of our retail facilities.”

“Robotic Imaging 3D scans our commercial properties and depicts them in usable revit models and 2D as-built line drawings for our commercial properties, including a 130,000 sf logistics warehouse in 5 hours.”

“Robotic Imaging’s 3D VR has increased our leasing productivity by giving our agents the ability to show multiple floor plans and amenities, remotely. Potential buyers are able to visualize interior design features and LEED certifications by extensively tagging and customizing the 3D models.”

“Robotic Imaging created an engaging and interactive VR Tour for my adaptive reuse development project that helped us sell our approved 30,000 sq ft commercial building.  After being on the market less than 1 week, a buyer made a formal full price offer site unseen due to the quality and in depth detail that he was able to see remotely. The property subsequently closed 2 weeks later.  I highly recommend Robotic Imaging Group.” 

“I highly recommend robotic imaging if you are looking to scale your real estate business with new technologies. We use Robotic Imaging for 3D/VR applications and remote booking services.”

“Robotic Imaging deployed drones safely and effectively under FAA regulation to capture high-definition aerial data during large public events in our municipality.”

“Robotic Imaging delivered CAD drawings and a 3D/VR file for my commercial listing in two days. Their solutions are faster and below traditional architectural pricing.  I highly recommend this group.”

“We use RIG to accurately digitize Chester County’s culture and destinations.  RIG’s VR and Laser applications help our clients remotely depict what it is like to visit Chester County.”

Reality Capture Experts like myself rely on the Robotic Imaging Group for their expert advice and innovative approach to the VR Industry as a whole. We look forward to collaborating on many more project in the near term future and highly recommend this company and their entire team.

“Robotic Imaging’s scanning documentation helped sell our property at 2X our cost.”

Robotic Imaging Group is awesome at what they do and a real pleasure to work with. They effectively collaborate with you every step of the process to ensure your customer experience is 5 star. I’ve found a true business partner and look forward to growing my Real Estate business with their professional guidance. These guys have their pulse on the latest technologies in real estate. I’m super impressed and will refer them with the greatest of ease!

“My go to group for any site documentation in Philly!”

“Robotic Imaging offers unique e-commerce solutions for Main Street businesses. We use Robotic Imaging’s 3D spatial data and VR content for remote bookings, marketing and merchandise sales.”

“Robotic Imaging Group’s analytics are explosive.  In 5 months our VR Tour, embedded on rootdownbrewing.com has garnered over 16,000 unique visitors.”

“Robotic Imaging creates strong analytics and clean 3D data. In the past 3 months our content has received over 4,500 unique visitors.  In the same time-frame this generated an additional 20,000 views for our Google Business Listing.”

“Robotic Imaging Group created 3D models of all the McKenzie Brew House locations, including our event spaces.  Embedding and emailing our 3D event spaces has increased our booking efficiency.  Robotic Imaging generates powerful analytics for our website and Google, resulting in thousands of visitors per week.”

“I could not be more thrilled with my experience with Robotic Imaging Group!  I wanted to find an innovative way to show off our two Philadelphia event spaces, and Matterport turned out to be the best choice.  The service was affordable, top notch, and a joy to work with. The scans have been extremely helpful in giving our out-of-town clients a real sense of the two locations. The 3D walk through provides a perspective that exceeds anything any number of photos can show (and I’m a photographer, so I truly understand the limitations of 2D versus this 3D experience). I know for a fact that we have booked more events as a direct result of publishing these scans on our website and including them in our email responses. Not everyone is capable of having the vision and perspective to really “see” a space without being there in person – Robotic Imaging Group closes that gap.  I could not be happier with the results and I recommend them highly!”

“Robotic Imaging’s content has been advantageous for our social channels and website by increasing interaction and traffic. Since implementation, we have received over 8,000 unique visitors on our web-based VR file and an additional 34,000 views on our Google business listing.”

“Robotic Imaging Group creates content rich, interactive and highly engaging virtual reality models.  The model was easily added to our website, social media and email campaigns.  Our customers love it and we have had requests to purchase specific items directly from their virtual data.  I highly recommend Robotic Imaging Group as a partner if you are exploring innovative digital initiatives.”

“Robotic Imaging Group’s code block allows site visitors to better visualize our culture, products and services. Embedding our barbers profiles, pictures and Instagram pages has only added to the interaction on our website. In the past 3 months our 3D VR tour has received over 7,611 impressions, 6,030 visits and 3,510 unique visitors.”