All UAS operators are fully insured and licensed under FAA Part 107.  Our pilots are experienced with FAA waiver submission, communication and ATC clearances.

Visual Documentation

  1. Photos: Automated/Recorded JPEG capture, DNG Raw & Edited
  2. Video: Automated 4K Video capture (Timeline Marketing)
  3. 360° Site Tours: Aerial Flythroughs
  4. Project Life Cycle Documentation: all stages of construction starting with land and materials, footings, foundations and underground to structural and other components including roofing, equipment, grounds and more

Mapping Documentation

  1. Maps and Point Clouds (Custom Coordinate Systems)
  2. Cut/Fill Calculations – Mining & Aggregates.
  3. GCPs and LiDAR is applied for highest accuracy
  4. Pre-Development Documentation: Soil loss susceptibility / Damage prone areas, Imagery for insurance adjustments, Contour / Elevation maps, Stormwater management
  5. GNSS Base Station + Robotic Station + GCPS

Technical Inspections

  1. Infrared – near and far infrared for interior mapping and civil analysis
  2. Utility Documentation – energy, solar, transmission and distribution line reporting