Whether you are a Univeristy, real estate, mining or archtitecture firm, it’s likely that you need to capture existing conditions and store them in digital form.  We coach students and reality capture divisions how to implement and mold traditional and modern workflows.   Reality capture technologies such as laser scanning, mobile and aerial LiDAR and photogrammetry can help.  Our programs are on the cutting edge of reality capture.  We help eliminate or reduce costly return site visits and give you the ability to capture data on structures without disrupting current building operations.  We teach you how to create faster and more accurate and detailed creations of building information models.

Our workflows streamline business practices and open up new opportunities.  Scanning goals can be specific.  Depending on project scope, we will summon the correct equipment and software to make sure we capture the right data.   If you are already using similar hardware and software, we help you take it to the next level.  For example,  if you are already using laser scanning,  you may want to learn how to improve it with aerial phootgrammetry.  We have a deep database of practices and beta projects with incumbent laser scanning brands.   We provide assistance with customized training for advanced measurement and BIM/CAD modeling service for the AEC industry.  Spaces can be captured with extreme accuracy.

We work with surveyors and structural engineers (PE) to accurately measure every detail of reality.  We combine LiDAR systems to create high-resolution point clouds.  From the point cloud, we can translate the data to your native CAD system and then teach you how to do it rapidly at exceptional detail and affordable rates.


  • Equipment setup, custom attachments used Leica Geosystem instruments
  • Field-to-desk operations for free-station, target and target-less scanning
  • Run mobile desktop CPUs for rapid and accurate field collection and analysis
  • Point cloud modeling, clean-up and QA/QC: Cyclone, Register360, JetStream, Cloudworkx, Recap, 3DR
  • Data management, segmentation and exports
  • CPU management, reporting and upgrades
  • Autodesk – AutoCAD, REVIT, Civil 3D, Plant 3D, Navisworks etc.
  • Competitive Advantage – for you and your clients.  Work with our educators to position your univeristy, historical society or company as tech-forward with modern applications and solutions.

Using entry level to long-distance scanners, we educate students and staff on the processes and workflows to make use of Leica Geosystem technology.  Curriculum is designed to save you time by automating repetitive and tedious manual work.  Our focus is on technology automation and customization.

Reach out to mike@roboticimaging.io to participate in Robotic Imaging’s Education Programs.