We use drones, laser scanners and 3D cameras to produce modern media.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

“Robotic Imaging Group created 3D models of all the McKenzie Brew House locations, including our event spaces.  Embedding and emailing our 3D event spaces has increased our booking efficiency.  Robotic Imaging generates powerful analytics for our website and Google, resulting in thousands of visitors per week.”

Will Mangan, McKenzie Brew HouseDirector of Operations

“Robotic Imaging’s content has been advantageous for our social channels and website by increasing interaction and traffic. Since implementation, we have received over 8,000 unique visitors on our web-based VR file and an additional 34,000 views on our Google business listing.”

Jim Adams, Levante Brewing CompanyCo-Owner

“Robotic Imaging’s VR creates strong analytics and clean 3D data. In the past 3 months our VR tour has received over 4,500 unique visitors.  In the same time-frame this generated an additional 20,000 views for our Google Business Listing.”

Tom ArnoldCo-Founder, Head Brewer

Robotic Imaging Group’s code block allows site visitors to better visualize our products, services and culture.  Embedding profiles, pictures and Instagram pages has only added to the interaction on our website.  In the past 3 months our 3D/VR tour has received 7,611 impressions, 6,030 visits and 3,510 unique visitors.”

Ginnie StingerMENtality Hair Salon, Owner


VR/AR adoption for experiencial marketing has been stagnant the last 5 years.  Few successes with IKEA and Pokemon Go are exciting, but practicality and cost to digitize enviroments has not been viable.  We use robotic systems that digize color and 3D depth data as a foundation for design.  We seek to create the next generation of website in 3D and for experiential applications with living data that can be improved over time.  AR-powered apps coming to iPhone like ARKit and Google with ARCore is the start of something,  We help producers digitize local environments in 24 hours for set design and annimation.