When To Use Scanners & Drones

  • Constructed work vs. as-designed model or drawings
  • Infrared/Thermal Inspections
  • Pre-construction coordination
  • Pre-drywall
  • Pre-ceiling
  • Pre-slab – quickly assess flatness of concrete floors
  • As-built QA
  • Archived records – milestones to manage and maintain building
  • Pre-Fab Components – HVAC, structural steel, floors, and rebar in the concrete slabs with actual installation time record. This information is used to verify components are installed in the correct place.
  • Design revisions – problem identification to avoid future conflicts
  • Construction logistics – Point Cloud can also be used to create paths with the correct clearances to remove equipment from the site once construction is complete

We create programs for automated drone flights, terrestrial laser scans, 3D self-directed walkthroughs, as-built BIM file generation.